Team: Karen Hoehn

For nearly 30 years, Ms. Karen Hoehn has developed programs, influenced public policy and mobilized resources to improve health and reduce poverty. Working in senior management for non-profit organizations, private foundations and for-profit companies since 1995, Ms. Hoehn has played a decisive role in leveraging US$1.65 billion to improve health for special needs people and impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. Based first in Washington, DC and then Brussels, Belgium, Ms. Hoehn has monitored European development assistance for health for more than decade, overseen detailed analysis and supported civil society capacity building regarding the health aid architecture in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.  Currently an independent consultant, Ms. Hoehn has previously served as Vice Executive Director for Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevolkerung (2005-2013), Director, Strategic Health Systems Development (2000-2004); Vice President, Public Programs, APS Healthcare (1997-2000); Director, Government Programs Development, CMG Health (1995-1997).

We are witnessing a dangerous rise in politicians who support public policies that follow private bias and prejudice rather than seeking evidence on what works. I march because scientific inquiry and evidence – while not perfect – are essential to fair and effective governance.

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