About us

On 22 April at Place de l’Albertine, 14.00-18.00, we will be gathering to show our support for science… rather than a formal “march” we are having a static event (see programme) that celebrates science, and makes clear the importance we place in evidence based policy making, and how much we value the international and collaborative nature of science. We’ve shortened these messages for the event to Facts Matter and Science is Global for ease of use. We are celebrating and provoking rather than angrily protesting in order to move away from the negative campaigning that has been prevalent over recent months; as such the event is more like a festival, but taking place in solidarity with science marches all over the world on that date.

Our planning group changes a lot as new interested people and organisations come on board, but we now have strong links to universities around Belgium, to organisations such as Sense about Science and the European Plant Science Organisation, and to campaigning groups such as Lights for Rights who ran the Women’s March in January.

Get involved! We’d love to see you there on the day, why not sign up through our event on Facebook? Or get into the conversation on Twitter?

We’re still actively seeking endorsements, volunteers for on the day or in the run up to the event, and collaborators. And of course, any help in spreading the word would be gratefully received. If any of this would be of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.